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‘We shall do more, for the communities we strive for! ’

“Corporate Social Responsibility is something that is integral to the way we function. Be it serving the customers in the form of developing better quality roads or creating work places that enhance productivity, to reducing our carbon footprint, to ensuring better working condition for our labour at construction sites – we consider this to be our responsibility and not just a Business imperative.

It is rooted in our belief that we owe our very existence to the communities and the environment in which we work. We, therefore, consider it our responsibility to ensure that what comes from the people and the planet should be repaid back many times over. Empowerment through gender equality, affirmative action and support to the differently abled forms the basis of our action over and above the larger agenda of preserving our planet for posterity.”

Mr. Sanjay G. Ubale

Managing Director & CEO,
Tata Realty And Infrastructure Limited

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